About Baker Immaculate

About Baker?

We're a lifestyle brand that specializes in clothing & music. Our message is to work on yourself & improve everyday. Baker Immaculate

Our message is to work on yourself in improve everyday. We specialize in clothing & music. We make clothing and music for the world to enjoy. Both being inspired by life experiences that we have had, as well as things we have seen.

Our clothing is made in the UK, but designed in the US. This gives us access to better materials than what is available here locally at home stores around town where everyone goes shopping every day like Walmart or Target etc..

Our goal is to create something that can stand the test of time.

Comfortable, timeless streetwear for men and women.

Our brand is a lifestyle brand that specializes in comfortable, timeless streetwear for men and women. We make clothes for people who love music, the creative process and comfort. Our clothes are designed to be worn by anyone at any time of day or night. The idea behind each piece is that you get to decide how it looks on your body as you wear them during your own individual lifestyle.

Come check us out at bakerimmaculate.com

We are a lifestyle brand that specializes in clothing, music and everything else that we believe is important to our customers. We are based in the US, but we manufacture all of our products in the UK.

Our message is simple: work on yourself everyday as if it were your last because you never know when it will be. This means improving yourself by being kinder to others, working harder at whatever you're doing and ensuring that everyone around you feels appreciated and loved just as much as you do yourself.


Bright, Authentic, Knowledge, Enabling Radical, Immortal, Manifestation. Managing Adversity, Criticism, Utilitarianism, Loyalty, and Transparency Everyday.

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